Many of the websites I have visited all begin the fall with a unit on a study of farms. So I figure I might as well. I have checked out a bunch of books on farms at the library. Farm puzzles, felt pieces…a tractor. I have a toy farm set.

We went to a farm today. I think it’s kind of not as dramatic for my kids because every other house here is a real farm so we have the privledge of seeing them everyday.  Plus, I dont understand the popularity of this farm. It’s very hilly. It’s hard to walk around it. Everything to do there costs money.

Today, there wasn’t much going there. Usually they have an apple fest or pumpkin fest.

So…we visited some animals. Claire said she didn’t like them…too dirty and gross. We saw a man popping kettle corn. We visited the farm market. We bought some apple cider…

And had some homemade ice cream.20150911_12424120150911_124247 Continue reading


fourth of july

The fourth had beautiful weather. Not too hot not too cold not too humid. Sofia was so very excited for the day she almost burst. We went to our local parade. We swam in our local pool which offers a free day every year for as long as I can remember. We played at the park. Dinner was hot dogs hamburgers…I added BBQ sauce to a can of baked beans and I really liked it. I was out of everything for potato salad so I used red potatoes eggs and celery seed  salt and pepper with ranch and it was good….better than mayo. Claire made homemade cherry pie and we sang ” can you bake a cherry pie Billy boy Billy boy…. “together. I also tried making a blueberry and strawberry topped cheesecake using leftover ingredients I had that I didn’t want to waste. It was edible. But I made some mistakes like cooking it at too high a was my first time making cheesecake ever. The evening ended with some fireworks. I stayed home with Lucy an Maggie. Claire dies not fireworks so next year I think she should stay home too. 20150704_15313320150704_180019

My goofballs

My goofballs

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Please don't eat the daisys.

Please don’t eat the daisys.


I swear I didn't know these were matching outfits until I had them sit next to each other.

I swear I didn’t know these were matching outfits until I had them sit next to each other.


Sofia with a patriotic jacket

Sofia with a patriotic jacket


The park.

The park.


Claire. Red and blue pony tail holders and a white coverup

Claire. Red and blue pony tail holders and a white coverup

1st vintage “ancestery” birthday

It all started with this antique mirror passed down from ancestors…then i found this adorable vintage lacey outfit at a consignment shop. … Mary had a lot of creative ideas too…home made food and cakes. First time making fondant icing….roses that i kept from christmas dried in a vase.. An antique travel chest….An old quilt sown with love from my 2 great aunts